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XTeam-FEM – Selection of Candidates

XTeam-FEM is a transnational Project managed by Mulheres à Obra (MAO4Action) in partnership with StoryTellMe (Portugal) and ISOB (Germany). It is financed by the European Commission in the Scope of Erasmus Plus – Small Scale Partnerships. It started in March 2022 and it will end in August 2023.

It aims to promote the constitution of an online epistemic community of female entrepreneurs that will provide counselling, mentoring and training to other female entrepreneurs with micro businesses.

This community will facilitate their collective organization for common purposes and the sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise in the following areas:

• Business management
• Digital marketing and sales
• Social and ecological responsibility
• Collaborative work among peers

The project will include 8 experts, two in each of the above mentioned areas of expertise. These experts will have access to a specialized and exclusive free training program that will consist in 4 webinars on «Communication Skills in E-learning», «Social Media for on the job Learning Processes», «Innovation in Adult Education» and «Narratives for Digital Adult Education». Additionally, they will have access to 3 online mentoring sessions on «E-learning Strategies for Entrepreneurship».

Using the knowledge acquired during the program, the experts are expected to produce an introductory online course in their area of expertise that will be made available online, in the projects learning platform.  These courses will be free and in open access. Once the course is delivered, each trainer will receive a completion prize of 200€ (plus taxes) and will have its work publicized in the projects’s Website and E-learning Platform, as well as in Mulheres à Obra Social Media and Website.

For the selection process, it is mandatory that the experts are proficient in English, are themselves female entrepreneurs (this is a peer learning project), have relevant training and experience in one of the above mentioned areas and are motivated and available to attend the training sessions and produce an introductory online course. We will give preference to professionals that are already involved in Mulheres à Obra partnership network, particularly Academia MAO.

If you are interested in submitting your application to become one of XTeam-FEM Experts, please fill this form. In case you are selected for the second phase of the selection process, you will be contacted for an online interview.

Deadline for the submission of the application form: 18/05/2022


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